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"Stone" new world first book

Source:Tian Ren He Yi Stone MuseumDate:2015-09-11 18:23
    "Stone" a new world book, after nearly a year of preparation, published by Chinese culture press. Book collecting more than 300 member nearly 1260 collections, for each member of Tibetan stone of photographs, after the expert group to strictly review the final carefully selected Qishi collections nearly 400 pieces.
    The stone new world, "a book by the Wuhan City ornamental stone association, founded on the editorial board will carefully compiled, by original municipal Party committee deputy secretary, chairman of the CPPCC company served as the editorial board of honorary director, harmony between man and nature of a Kistler museum curator Liu Mingli serve on the editorial board director. Liu Haiping, He Xinwu, Zhang Jimin, Ye Changcheng, Shu Wuwei, Zhang Yanrong, Chen Jingyong,, Ma Tao, Wang Bin, Zhang Ran as deputy director. By Liu Yaping, Ji min Zhang, Lv Youqin, Hu bin, Zhu Shishuang, Yan Zhi, he Xinwu, Ye Changcheng, Shu Wu Wei, Zhang Yanrong, Zhang you Feng, Jing Yong Chen, Zheng Qifeng, Matao, Wang Bin, He Junqiang, Zhu Su, Liu Yuanwang, Zhang although as editors. By President Liu Mingli, artists and served as editor in chief, by he Xinwu, Jing Yong Chen, Matao, Wang Bin, Qishi collector served as deputy editor.
    The stone new world, "a book included the Wuhan City ornamental stone association members of a large number of precious collections, stone association of a gift to the stone lovers, let the masses know more about stone art, love stone art viewing in Wuhan, Wuhan city and the stone art career as a force.

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