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Audience notice

1.In order to implement the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party, give full play to the museum, Memorial Library propaganda and spread advanced culture plays an important role in the process of, strengthen the construction of public cultural service system and citizen's ideological and moral construction, to provide more and better public cultural products and services for the public. Wu Hantian together a stone museum to the public to implement free and open. We need to make an appointment in advance, we can visit the museum free of charge.

2.The large items which the visitors have to carry around in the library are kept in the storage of large items.

3.Disheveled, psychotic, drunk, and carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, pets are forbidden.

4.Preschool children, pupils must have a guardian to visit; old age, action inconvenience people must accompany visits.

5.Please take care of public facilities, flowers and trees, such as damage to the original price compensation.

6.In order to protect the environment of the museum's clean, please do not spit and litter in the museum.

7.Please do not use this diet, smoking, loud, romp, please don't in the hall do visit and has nothing to do things in the exhibition hall.

8.Parking in the parking lot

9.Lost seeking: if you in my gallery of lost items, please promptly to the staff there to register; if you have to leave, and determine which is missing in our library, please send your information and contact way to send a text message to 17786530653. If someone picked up, we will promptly with your contact.

Wuhan Tian Ren He Yi Stone Museum

Liu Mingli

June 9, 2015


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