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Welcome to visit Wuhan Tian Ren He Yi Stone Museum Website!

Under the historical background of the province's cultural development and prosperity, in the tide of global information network to promote, Wuhan heaven together a stone museum website was born. On behalf of Wuhan Tian Ren He Yi Stone Museum staff to express my heartfelt thanks for your presence!

Wuhan Tian Ren He Yi Stone Museum is in Hubei Province, the first private non-profit Museum, is a collection, exhibition, research, public education, culture exchanges in various museums. Wuhan City Bureau of Civil Affairs Bureau of supervision and management and business guidance.

Our library will be Chinese folk spread 2000 years of stone ornamental culture in the form of a nonprofit Museum gathered preserved and displayed. The museum is a collection of Hubei Yichang Three Gorges stone, Chongqing Yibin the Yangtze River stone, Luoyang Qinghai Yellow stone, Inner Mongolia Gobi stone, nine stone in Fujian, Guangxi fossil, pottery stone Laibin stone and so on and so on. At the same time, our library of Wuhan City as ornamental stone association every year hosting or participating in all kinds of stone exhibition, various types of stones catalogue, to welcome all of you to come and visit.

I museum official website, will be a number of functions of the museum is an extension of the network space and time and space in the public space and time and an important platform for public contact. We like the construction of the real museum as a high degree of attention to the construction of digital museum, we also pay special attention to this special platform for the physical museum in the functional aspects of the supplement, will strengthen communication and exchange with the public through this platform. Nevertheless, I still hope that users at home and abroad to have the opportunity to come to Wuhan Tianren unity a Kistler museum visit, appreciate all the beautiful stone, ornamental art treasures of the country and the world, to enjoy our service.

At the same time I Museum as a private non-profit Museum, through the stone ornamental exploration of this art form, the establishment of a in the eastern cultural circle, contemporary cultural experience and cultural exchange channels and platforms. To promote the development of cultural undertakings of our country, we will earnestly practice social service function, follow to social services for the purpose, adhere to the close to reality, close to life, close to the masses, expanding and the social from all walks of life information exchange and sharing, and strive to meet the people's Museum and cultural needs, and give full play to the role of social public museum.

The excellent stone culture protection, inheritance, good show, is the glorious mission of our library.

We sincerely look forward to the broad masses of friends, especially young friends concerned about the museum, walked into the museum, visit the museum's website.

Thank you again for your visit, welcome to provide valuable advice and suggestions.

Wuhan Tian Ren He Yi Stone Museum

Liu Mingli

June 9, 2015


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