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Brief introduction of Tian Ren He Yi Stone Museum


Wuhan Tian Ren He Yi Stone Museum is Hubei Province first large-scale stone museum to around the stone lovers is the main service object of private non-profit institutions. Set ornamental and collection, knowledge, interest, popular science as a whole and is in Hubei Province is currently leading the high taste, high quality stone Museum. The museum is located in Caidian City, Caidian Wuhan Liu Wan Huangling Street Village District No. 26. The museum is free of charge to the outside, the exhibition is the first phase of the "Gallery", only more than 600 square meters, exhibits more than 130 pieces, with the second and the third period and so on exhibits continuous collation launch, through 3 - 5 years of continuous improvement and cultural accumulation, museum plans to make the number of exhibits to 2000, exhibition area reached 20000 square meters, let the stones of 2000 years of traditional Chinese culture fully unfolded.


Wuhan heaven together a stone museum since July 20, 2012 officially open to the public, to hide its stone quantity, variety, fine Feng by the wide acclaim from domestic and overseas experts, scholars, professors, are attracted to visit the visitors has become Jiangcheng a new Xing of the tourist attractions. Four years, stick to the museum in the dedication, in the long cultural trend in steer.

2011The museum was built, the area of 71 acres, exhibition area600㎡
2012Museum approval
July 20, 2012 Museum officially opened free of charge
2013 - 2014 Museum has received a total of more than 10000 visitors
May 2015 to participate in the first section of Wuhan City, the National Museum of non - National Exhibition
Collection articles
Scene Name: Guan, Shi: green jasper, specifications:15cm×8cm×6cm
King Name: under the banyan tree, stone: the Yangtze River stone, specifications:20cm×16cm×7cm
Scene Name: beauty line, stone: the Yangtze River stone, specifications:23cm×8cm×12cm
Landscape Name: Maple, stone species: Yangtze River stone, specifications26cm×26cm×8cm

Innovation is the soul of the progress of the times. To stick to the inheritance and innovation of combining popularization with the raising of combination of Museum, the principle of combination of culture and economy, efforts to expand China Stone popularity at home and abroad. Since its opening, the museum has received from USA, France, South Korea's stone lovers, too many to count public visitors. Stone Jiangcheng provides a natural business card, the museum has responsibility and obligation to protect, make good use of these resources, and promote the coordinated sustainable development of local economy, tourism and culture. For the benefit of future generations, and to promote the healthy development of the province to see the stone industry and stone culture industry.

Public welfare

National Heritage Board announced the 2012 annual National Museum, the show, China has all kinds of private museums 647, accounting for 16.7% of the total number of museums. This part of the museum is not for profit for the purpose, in the public cultural services play an important role. At present, we are free to open the museum open. I come from the Folk Museum, grew up in the market, to serve the public, since the opening, many students received around the visit. In order to inherit the excellent culture of history, the sacred mission of the museum is endowed by the times.


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